Become an Advocate and Strategic Partner

Become an authorized advocate and strategic partner  of Augmented Decision to grow your business and offer your customers trends of analytics, technology and capabilities. Here’s a guide on how you can go about establishing such a partnership:


Active Partners

Active Partners

Having over 30 active partners and advocates, including startups, influencers, experts, and medium-sized companies, provides a diverse and robust network for your business

Active Response

Active Response

A 98% active response rate with your partners for advice and support, along with a focus on following customer satisfaction, is an excellent achievement

Global Partners

Global Partners

Having 15+ global partners is a significant asset for expanding your business and gaining insights into diverse markets.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Authorized Reseller of Augmented Decisions!

We currently have a number of dedicated partners and advocates located around the world and we always welcome new additions.

Our authorized partners provide customers with local resources for solutions, suites and platforms. 


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Why Become a Partner?

As a strategic partner, you essentially act as an intermediary between Augmented Decision and end customers, providing them with access to Augmented Decision’s solutions, suites, products and services. Here are some reasons why becoming a reseller may be advantageous

Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

We offers advanced and cutting-edge technology solutions. By reselling their products, you can offer your customers access to the latest innovations in analytics and decision-making tools

Market Differentiation

Partnering with Augmented Decision can set your business apart from competitors. The ability to offer unique and specialized solutions can be a strong selling point

Revenue Generation

Partnership allows you to earn a commission or markup on the sale of Augmented Decision’s products, creating an additional revenue stream for your business

Support and Training

Advocates and strategic partners often receive training and support from the vendor. This can include product training, technical support, and marketing resources, helping you better serve your customers

Global Reach

If Augmented Decision operates globally, becoming a reseller may give you access to a broader market. This can be especially beneficial if your business is looking to expand internationally

Expand Your Product Portfolio

Adding Augmented Decision’s suites and platforms to your portfolio allows you to diversify your offerings, providing a broader range of solutions to your customers

Why Become a Partner?

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