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AI Acceleration

Empowering organizations in defining and implementing your AI Acceleration strategy at every stage from identifying the best place to implement AI to boosting their AI maturity and driving innovation

Data Strategy & Governance

We acknowledge the critical importance of data as a valuable asset and strive to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance overall organizational effectiveness 

Corporate Meta Intelligence

Drive business transformation, regulatory compliance, digital and data evolution, and information system refinement within an organization. CMI (Corporate Meta Intelligence) stands out by automating acquisitions, controls, rules, and KPIs

Cyber Security & KYX

Manage all client communications in one app to save time. Maintain a record of all communications, integrate your preferred tools, automate routine operations.

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Drive real time decisions through big data and machine learning algorithms

“Vault is a game-changer. Being able to pull up product usage data in Salesforce allows us to make GTM decisions with data. No longer are we relying on anecdotes!”

Patrick Semaha

Head of Technology @ Augmented Decisions